New Bow Ties

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I am ready to trade in my snow boots for my sandals already! This cold weather has gone on far to long. Spring is supposedly starting tomorrow, with snow in the forecast, and I am eager for nicer weather already. Charlie got a boat load of warm weather clothes and outside toys for his birthday that is he (me) dying to use.

Please Spring, let's move it already.

With Spring and Easter right around the corner, I started to get to work on some Easter bow ties for my boy. Here are some of my latest that can be found at my shop.

Image of Blue and white polka dot

Image of Nautical bow tie

Image of Light blue bow tie 

Image of Pastel Striped Bow Tie

Image of Yellow Zig Zag Bow Tie 

Image of Geometric Bow Tie

Image of Greek Key Bow Tie

They are only $5 and ready to ship!

Baby Talk

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Time for some baby talk. 

I am having a hard time this week. I can’t believe this time is already here. Charlie turns One on Friday. It was been such an amazing year and I am beyond grateful to have such an amazing son. I have learned more this year about myself and my husband, than I have ever learned before. By far a very challenging year it has been and I am both scared and excited for this next year. 

I had the realization the other day that we were responsible for teaching him things. We have to teach him how to behave, read, write, walk, etc. I kind of became overwhelmed. Like I didn’t realize this before, but it hit me while eating dinner and he kept taking a drink and then throwing the cup on the floor. I have to teach him to not throw the cup on the floor. He is learning to walk now to, we are responsible for teaching him that. And he is a bitter, ugh. The first couple of times he would bite my shoulder, but not hard and it would actually tickle, so I would laugh. But I cannot laugh, because then he keeps doing it.

Currently we are in a battle, a battle against the bottle. He weaned himself off of his day time ones with no issue. Now he takes 1 in the AM and then 1 before bed, of mostly milk. However we are working on the morning one first to take a way, and it has been a challenge. Slowly decreasing the amount ounce by ounce and then offering the remaining in a cup. Not going over to well yet.

It is very well known that I am 100% obsessed with this boy and I cannot wait to see how he turns out when he is older. I hope he has his dad laid back attitude for sure though, or else I am in trouble.

Birthday Hat Tutorial

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I have been planning Charlie’s birthday party and I LOVE doing it. I have so many ideas I want to do, thanks to Pinterest. Wish it was around when I was planning my wedding. At first I wasn’t going to do a theme because I am not a theme person. I hate monkey’s, circus, jungle, anything too babyish themes. His room isn’t themed either. However, the planning started to take a turn and ended up going towards and Irish theme. Since his birthday is a few days before St. Patrick’s day, and I come from an Irish, St. Patty’s day lovin’ family. I decided to go ahead and theme the party. Plus, it’s easy to find decorations for it now.

I will be making a lot of the things for his party like paper tissue pom-poms, his birthday “suit” with a bow tie, the favors, and of course his birthday hat. Which was SUPER easy. Here’s how…

You will need:
-Cardstock of your choice
-Hot glue

First I made a cut out a piece of felt to use as my base. I actually did 2 so I can keep one as a template for future use.

Once that was cut out I simply rolled it into a cone hat shape and hot glued the ends together. Then I used a product called Stiffy’s – Located in the glue section of the craft store, it was really hard to find. I poured a little into a bowl and used my fingers to coat the felt cone. I let it sit overnight and then next morning it was a solid cone frame for the hat.

I than used the felt template from before and cut out my card stock and glued it over the felt cone. Then decorated it. I have a silhouette cameo and cut out a shamrock and a 1 to glue onto the hat.

Finally I attached each end of a piece of elastic to the hat, and then promptly tried it out on the dog since Charlie was asleep. 

Traveling with baby

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Linking up with one of my favorite bloggers, Mama & Mou to talk baby!

Every year for the past 6 years, I plan a trip to Lake Placid for a weekend getaway with friends. Except last year because I was 9 months pregnant, didn’t feel like dealing with it. Well we are going this year, with 2 new guests. Charlie (11months) and our friends daughter Maycie (7months). So needless to say, this year will be A LOT different than years passed… a lot.

Lake Placid from us is about a 2 and half hour drive. So that shouldn’t be too bad. The longest we have traveled with him has been 2 hours a few months ago. He did great, he pretty much slept. I am more nervous about our Outer Banks trip in April. That is a 12 hour trip. Our plan of attack for that one is to leave when he goes to sleep.

He will be 13 months when we go to OBX and I still plan on having him sit rear-facing in the car seat. Our seat says it goes up to 40lbs rear facing. So I know we will have to stop to let him stretch those little legs. Now my question, what are some of the best tips for this trip? He doesn’t watch TV so I am not sure how a movie will really work for him. I am willing to try it. But normally he doesn’t watch TV or play with our iPads or phones, although he wants to. I am looking more for a toy maybe that will keep his attention. He loves music, lights, textures, books, and blocks. I plan on keeping those on hand. I would love to hear how other mamas have handled the adventures of traveling with kids. Let me know!

5 on Friday

Friday, February 7, 2014

On this particular Friday I am feeling pretty anxious for the weekend. I just want to get it started already! Nothing to exciting happening, I am just over this week.

FIRST: One of my best friends has a daughter a few months younger than Charlie and tomorrow is her baptism. I made her this adorable little shirt to help celebrate this very important day in her religious life.

Second: I have been dying to buy Charlie some converse. I know it is kind of stupid since they are sort of expensive and he will grow out of them quick. And for the most part, Charlie doesn't wear shoes. He is starting to walk so I decided maybe I should get him a pair for when we are out. I found these on amazon and I may have died a little. I think they are adorable. And I got them onsale.

So then naturally I had to by myself a pair to coordinate with him...

Yes I am that kind of mom.

Third: Bow ties are now up on my site. Just a few to start but I have the BEST model ever! Check them out here!

I just ordered some more fabric to do more and some for St. Patricks day as well.

Fourth: Charlie is about to be one. So it is time to start planning his party! No theme here, not really into that stuff. Instead I like to do colors. Its going to be navy blue and orange. So far we have a place and an invite. I purchased the invites below in orange from Print Smitten on etsy.

First Birthday invitation - Boy girl birthday invitation - first birthday bash party invite balloon simple invitation 

Fifth: I am ready for spring. Over the snow.

Thanks for stopping by!

It's the little things

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Today I am linking up with "Words About Waverly" for the little things.
With Charlie about to turn 1 in like, 43 days, I have been really reminiscing on this past year. It has been crazy, challenging, and amazing all at once. I have never experienced so many different emotions as I have this past year. Thinking back and looking through over 1,000 pictures of Charlie I have, I start to think about all of those little moments and the times that we have had together that have already disappeared since he is has grown up. Things change fast as he grows and it is very important to me to remember and savor every moment.

One thing I am glad I did this year and can not WAIT to have it all put together, are his monthly pictures. It is one of the best things I have done with him his first year. I love the memories. Once completed I plan on framing them all together so I can see just how much he has grown and changed.

It is crazy how fast time flies.

Sick Baby

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

 Good Morning! Linking up with Mama & Mou to talk about one of the hard parts about being a mama, having a sick baby.

I've got a sick little one over here this past week, and let me tell you it sucks. We have been pretty lucky with being healthy during his first 10 months here. This is really only his second illness, fever, throwing up, cough, runny nose. But I believe we are at the end. He is generally happy but having trouble taking his bottle or eating which is the only thing making me nervous.

The last sickness was horrible. Mid-November we ended up in the hospital because he was having trouble breathing. Ever since about 3 months old we have been battling some breathing issues. Not yet diagnosed as asthma, rather restrictive air way disease. We use a nebulizer daily with a preventive medicine to help keep wheezing at bay, which has been working. However when sickness strikes, little wheezy is back.

I know I am lucky and blessed to have a healthy and happy baby. but it still hard when he gets sick. So to help him heal we have a few different tricks. The main on lots and lots of cuddling! We also use a saline drip to help clear congestion, prop his bed up to help him breath at night, along with a cool mist humidifier.

What are your tips and tricks for helping your little sickies?

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